Monday, November 01, 2004

Redskins Lose, So Bush is doomed!

I read in the paper today that the outcome of the Redskins game the weekend before an election always - and this is for the past 40 or so years - predicted whether or not the sitting president wins the election. I am happy to report, the Green Bay Packers beat the stuffing out of the Skins. Sorry Skins fans, but this is a good omen for Kerry. Let's hope the tradition stands. Kerry will win by a similar margin.


"Write, the most important football game in U.S. history. What I'm about to tell you started in Boston in 1936. In the past 15 elections, Washington's last home game prior to the presidential elections has not failed to pick the next president of these United States."

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Lie and You Thrive from AlterNet via

W has a corner on the market. How can he lose?