Monday, November 22, 2004

Another example of how crazy Ann Coulter really is -- and more on the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine

My dad also pointed out an interesting link on the Gadflyer blog that has been talking about media maven Ann Coulter spining democrats as racist simply becuase they think she is unqualified. Another example of the hypocrites at work. This leads to another intersting link:

"Right-wing pundit Ann Coulter labeled Democrats as "racist" for questioning the credentials of national security adviser Condoleezza Rice, recently nominated by President George W. Bush to replace Secretary of State Colin Powell, and conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Coulter's remarks came during a November 17 discussion on FOX News Channel's Hannity & Colmes of some controversial political cartoons depicting Rice as a pawn of President George W. Bush.

The cartoons shown on the program are in poor taste (see here, here, and here), but are in no way a production of the Democratic Party. Regardless, Coulter said "It goes beyond the cartoons," claiming that Democrats who oppose Rice's nomination are doing so because they "have a big problem with black women." Coulter also asserted that former national counterterrorism coordinator Richard Clarke has "a problem with blacks" because his book Against All Enemies: Inside America's War on Terror (Free Press, March 2004) suggested that Rice had not heard of Al Qaeda when he briefed her on the terrorist group in 2001. Coulter also labeled Democratic strategist Bob Beckel a "racist" to his face.

End clip:

The text of the "discourse" is very revealing. The woman has her head twisted on sideways and can't see through the sand she has so willing burried it in.

Another interesting piece on the Media Matters web loction reitterates what I have been saying all along. The sanitation of the news by the mainstream media essentially keeps the public ill informed on a myriad of subjects. As Al Franken says, the mainstream media is afraid of its own shadow.

I say, the mainstream media is wittingly contributing to the propaganda dished out by the whitehouse and others. Let's call them the Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine (MMPM). And is the public outraged? No. As long as they get their turkey dinners on Thursday, and the presents from Santa, they will be dumb, fat and happy.


BLITZER: But why have -- the Democrats, as you recognized, had a great opportunity this time because of those issues that you're just raising right now. Yet despite that, Bush got 51 percent of the vote.

FRANKEN: Well, I think that a large part of it is that the media hasn't done its job. And a large percentage of Bush supporters believe the following things: that we found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, found them; that --

BLITZER: But what did the Democrats do wrong? Why couldn't the Democrats do a better job getting that message across? Was it the candidate, [Senator] John Kerry?

FRANKEN: I think that it's partly the candidate, probably, sure. But I think also the press bears a responsibility.

Let me -- I was in the greenroom, and I watched an ad run by the coal people. It said "eagle." You've seen it a million times, right? The eagle flies and is coughing and lands on this thing. And then it flies off and then there's blue sky.

Do you know what it says at the end of that commercial? It says that by 2016, or it gives some date in the future, our air quality will be 70 percent better than it was in 1970.

Well, do you know how much better it was in 2000? It was over 50 percent better. And do you know why it will be considered better in 2016?

BLITZER: But it raises --

FRANKEN: Because -- wait a minute --

BLITZER: But it raises the question --

FRANKEN: I'm sorry, Wolf. Let me just finish. It's because they've eliminated CO2 as a pollutant. And the air isn't getting any cleaner. And you guys run this ad without challenging it. And this is my criticism, is that we can't get our message across because the media isn't doing its job.

End of slice.


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