Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Our "Healthy Forests" & "Clear Skies" President

Our "healthy forests" & "Clear skies" President, wields a saw quite nicely. Wahoo, let's cut some trees down to save our forests!

Got this pic and a wonderful article sponsored by the Earth Island Institute. Check out their article on the "environemental conservation" work our President has done.


In early 2001, Bush claimed the country was facing an energy supply crisis and established a White House task force under Vice President Dick Cheney to formulate an oil production plan. The task force was filled with “Bush Pioneers,” industry folks like Enron CEO (and Bush family friend) Ken Lay, who’d raised over $100,000 in individual contributions for Bush’s election campaign. FirstEnergy CEO Anthony Alexander was another “Pioneer” who met with Cheney to discuss energy policy. In 2004 the Bush reelection campaign supplemented the Pioneers with “Rangers” obliged to raise at least $250,000 each for a $200 million war chest.

Although the vice president’s office denied the General Accounting Office access to task force records, or even a list of participants, one corporate figure known to be behind the energy plan was Cheney himself. In 1999, as CEO of Halliburton, he’d been a member of the Petroleum Council, an advisory group to the Department of Energy. That year they issued a report calling for the opening of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge – among other wilderness areas of the West – to fossil fuel development, proposals incorporated into the White House plan.

The twenty-five-point Wise Use Agenda also calls for opening up the refuge to oil drilling, and for logging the Tongass National Forest of Alaska (which Bush allowed on December 23, 2003), and all other old-growth trees on public land. The Agenda also calls for gutting the Endangered Species Act, opening 70 million acres of wilderness to commercial development and motorized recreation, and handing management of national parks over to private firms...."

End slice:

I better be getting to Alaska soon before they clearcut our old growth like they support in Oregon.

Maybe it is time to spend an equivalent amount of capital on alternative fuel systems as we do on protecting our Saudi/Middle Eastern Oil interests.

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