Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Christian Radio? Were you contacted by Plains Christian Church?

I had a very strange experience yesterday. I am wondering if any of you all got contacted by the same group of people. This is what happened. I got a call last night from some fine folks claiming to be a part of some Christian Radio Station. Don't know why they were calling me. Here's how the conversation went.

Me: Hello?

Them: Hello, we're from ....Christian Radio Station. We would like to ask you five questions about christianity.

Me: And you are?

T: We are (and another person chimes in obviously on another phone) with a christian radio show and we are recording this. Will you answer our questions?

M: Uh...How did you get me number?

T: We got it off the internet. What is your name?

M: What is your name?

T: Well, we are doing this Christian Radio Show on...if you are west of the Mississippi, you can get it on ....AM. Will you answer our questions?

M: How much are you going to pay me to answer them?

T: Nothing.

M: How much are you getting paid to ask me these question?

T: We don't get paid anything.

M: Well, if you are not going to pay me for my time, I am not going to answer your qestions.

I hung up.

If you would like to talk to them, give them a call - 620-563-6165 - on caller ID they show up as Plains Christ C. Doing a quick Google search on the number, here is their real Identification - Plains Christian Church - (620) 563-6165 - 408 W C, Plains, KS 67869. They never identified themselves, nor were they clear about whether or not they would even use the short snip of a conversation. Moreover, they never said that they turned off the recording device. That is perhaps the one thing that really disturbed me about the whole interchange. They waited until the second sentance or so before telling me they were recording my telephone call. That, I think, is a definate breach of ethics and not very moral behavior for a Christian group.

The second thing that really bothered me was that they never said why they were calling me in particular or why they were conducting this five question survey.

Third, they were not following any sort of protocol that is a legitimate research design methodology.

Has anyone esle been contacted by these fine Jayhawks and I am curious if you were, did you participate by answering the questions and what were the questions.


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Anonymous said...

M: Uh...How did you get me number?

T: We got it off the internet. What is your name?Google your phone number. See what turns up. If your number is there, they probably already know your name. Perhaps they just dialed a targetted area code followed by a random number. These are ''Christians'' inquiring, it's okay for them to lie to fool the devil. Go to go, my tail is dragging.