Friday, November 05, 2004

Hug a Republican?

Like the flash mobs, here's a good idea.

I have another idea, I wouldn't ordinarily recommend that you turn your back on republicans. How about rather than having some mass action, we all take individual action. Hug a republican! When you do whisper in their ear, "I forgive you." Hug until the republican releases, then walk away.


Mark said...

Based on the election results (most votes for a President ever), I'd say most of America rejects your PHONY, FALSE, FAKE, INSINCERE hugs and socialistic values.

windspike said...

Really, how do you know I hold socialistic values?

Anonymous said...

Osama's followers think he has ''moral values'' too.- a tagline

To retake the high ground the Democrats only have to rename themselves, ''The Party of Uncompromised Virtue.'' The benefit is, of course, that the other party, though never named, must be ''The Party of Compromised Virtue.'' But these things have a way of backfiring the greater the pretense. So, No. The Democrats should keep on doing what they are doing, standing up and being counted and avoiding Red-State hypocrisy.

But for those of us who enjoy hypocrisy the next 4 years will be fun. Already the righteous Reds are going after Arlen Specter (R, PA), a shorter honeymoon that Britney Spears' first marriage.