Sunday, November 28, 2004

Even in Baghdad the Holiday spirit can't be suppressed

The kids and I made a little video clip to email to my brother just in time for Thanksgiving. This just in from my brother in Baghdad.


I thought the video was great. The kids are growing fast. I take it C is talking up a storm now. He sure is a cute kid.

J looks to be all smiles. I'm sure he is like his big brother and charms all the women too.

Everyone in the video sounded great. I hope the turkey meal turned out perfect. We had turkey here too, though it wasn't close to being home cooked.

Things here seem to be cooling down a bit. The weather and the bad guys that is. This whole week we have seen temps in the low 40s during the evening and highs in the 60s during the day.

As to the bad guys, the last couple of days we have also seen a low in enemy attacks. Maybe the Fallujah loss hurt their will to fight. Then again, it could be that the bad guys are just regrouping. Only time will tell.

Speaking of time, it is still flying by on this end. I can't believe December is almost here. Our Operations tent is now decorated with Christmas ornaments. As one of my team members put it... "We are not going to let a little war dampen our Christmas spirit."

Well it sounded like you had a good day planned and again, I hope your dinner went well. Things are going well on this end. So don't worry about me. Take care for now.

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