Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Time to eliminate the Fraternal Organization?

More deaths from drinking at Frat parties? Yikes, why is it that college administrators, students, parents and community members realize that something needs to be done about this?


BOULDER, Colo., Nov. 5 - Lynn G. Bailey, 18, a freshman at the University of Colorado here, spent his last night chugging whiskey and wine as part of an initiation ceremony with his fraternity brothers. Left by his friends to sleep it off, he died from alcohol poisoning.

Less than two weeks earlier and an hour's drive away, Samantha Spady, 19, a sophomore at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, died of alcohol poisoning after an evening out with friends in which she drank the equivalent of 30 to 40 beers and shots....

End of slice.

Is there still a need to self segregate on college campuses using the fraternity system as a guise for institutionalized classist, and racist behavior?

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