Saturday, November 13, 2004

Rats jumping Ship?

I don't recall this many Cabinet Resignations pending during the start of Clinton's second term. What is going on in the Whitehouse to cause all these rats to jump? Is the ship sinking?


"Paige would become the third Cabinet secretary to resign since Bush's reelection last week. On Tuesday, the White House announced the resignations of Atty. Gen. John Ashcroft and Commerce Secretary Donald L. Evans."

End slice:

Is this good for eductation? I don't know, but we will watch and see if these folks can really rally around their call for leaving "no child behind." From what it looks like in my city, there are a whole host of children getting stuck in schools with facilities that we wouldn't want IBM to put their people. Why can't we have schools that reflect the wealth of the buisness sector?

Unfortunately, you get what you pay for, and the public seems to not want to support high quality facilities for students today. And in many states, it seems as though Prisons hold a higher priority. It is time for a change and social reform in our wonderful country, a term I coined "Capitalism with a Conscience!" More on that later. But the short of its this, if companies indeed do want high quality employees to hire (or at least, that is if they do keep jobs in this country), then it is time for those some companies that milk profits off the people to give some of that windfall back to the people in a more grand scale than simply just paying your taxes (or if they even do that: some companies are experts in putting their profits straight through the loopholes provided by our government and escape with big dollars to fund their third and fourth homes in luxuriously gated communties - e.g. Ken Lay).

Incientially, on another topic. What does it say when an entire society looks to the criminal justice system for entertainment? Just look at the number of folks dancing in the streets at the Peterson trial verdict. Yikes, as if there was anything to celebrate there? A woman and unborn child were murdered, and another man will pay the price for doing it. Why is that cause for celebration? Morbid curiousity drives a person to slow down at the scene of a trafic accident, looking for blood in all the wrong places. This whole trafic accident call the Scott Peterson Trial is a sad scenareo for all parties involved, and it is even more sickening that the press and world media needs these warts to sell advertising. Where is the conscience here? gone! I say time for a new world order, "Capitalism with a Conscience" More on that later.

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windspike said...

This is not really news as Powell announced his intention to resign long ago, but still, it becomes official.

I think that the jury is stil out on whether Powell is a rat. History will remember him if he is willing to talk honestly and candidly about his experience in the affairs of this administration.