Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Satisticians and Pollsters litter the streets like road kill in the wake of this election

Polls - who needs 'em?
Exit Polls - who needs 'em?

As usual, they are just fodder to sell advertising. You know it has gone bad when the major media houses start reporting about reporting about the polls. Sort of like television media reporting about what was on television. A waste of time, but it sells adds, no?

Again, the Capitalist Pigs win on all fronts.

Wonkette has a nice wrap up of things that matter.

CNN actually called it better than Fox and other prime media outlets

We wait. And the Bushies behave just as they always have. Declaring victory when they really haven't won.

Finally Edwards arrives - "It's been a long night, but we've waited four years for this victory, we can wait one more night," Edwards said, adding: "We will fight for every vote."

It is going to be a knock down drag out. Roll up your sleves and let the people decide.

In the end, the Congress is going to a nice bastion of conservatism, and all the halmarks of it.

Who wins? How about Big Texas Oil!

Even so, there is a thread of hope in the Ohio, New Mexico, and Iowa.

I am off for my AM run with son no. 2


Anonymous said...

In a Crisis, Markets More than Ever
by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. [Posted November 2, 2004]

''One reason natural disasters alarm us is that there seems to be very little we can do to alter their course. Anti-hurricane intellectuals can do very little about changing the direction of an Ivan or Jeanne. However, intellectuals can alter the course of unnatural disasters such as government. Governments themselves are products of ideas, mostly bad ones, and they can be curbed and dismantled by other ideas.''


Bidder's remorse, a/k/a be careful what you wish for:

The election is a just God punishing George W. Bush. Now he has to live with the damage he's done.

What's his plan for the next 4 years? Does he know? Does anyone know? Does he even has a plan?

How much more damage can he do?

Anonymous said...

Lowering the blue-state blood pressure
President Bush is now a lame duck. V. P. Cheney is a dead duck, too old, too fragile in health, too abrasive. Given the size of the Republican majority in the popular and electoral vote, a 3rd Republican administration is a lock. This means that Republican infighting for the Presidential nomination in '08 will begin today. Republican challengers will scrutinize every Bush appoinment as either enhancing or damaging their chances. Who will emerge as the Republican standard bearer, Bush-lite? Bush-right (though it seems like there's little room on the right), or someone willing to run against the faith-based Bush to pick up votes from Democrats? Something Shakespearian here about heavy crowns.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ the response on the Exit Polls. They should have been repudiated & rejected for good in 2000. And, was it just coincidence that they were all Pro-Kerry?

As for the election results....If it is easier for you to believe that about 60,000,000 were deluded because of what Bush SAID during the campaign and gave NO consideration to what he has DONE for four years, you are in DENIAL.

And, if you believe that they DID give consideration to what he has done and that their judgement is STUPID, you are ARROGANT.

Keep it up and see how far that kind of thinking gets you four years from now! All I can say is, BRING IT ON!!

windspike said...

Ah, another inflamitory comment. How Rovian of you. Are you trying to run for political office? If you don't like my opinions, then don't read my blog. And if you are trying to reach out and threaten me across cyberspace with baseless accusations that trend to flagrant threats, you have sunk yourslef down to the depths that are substandard only becuase you are suffering from a lack of empowerment.

You simply state the obvious. We all will most certainly find out what the world is like four years from now. I hope it is better. In my view, I think we selected the wrong person to lead us out of the morass. Even so, I am very happy that Bush is the one that will have to dig himself out his own hole. We will most certainly see if he can do it.

Your comments also sound very angry. Why, if you are on the side of the winners, are you so? I just don't get it.

No doubt you will reply. Focus your commentary on a thoughtful arguments based in fact or use some kind of rehtorical discourse that argues a point that is contrary to what I am stipulating. Using capital letters and words like, BRING IT ON and calling me ARROGANT, simply put, don't hold water.

Just curious, who are you and what is your background? Do you have a blog we can look at that gives us more than just accusations. What causes you produce the comments you made? What is the why behind your anger?