Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Cross Dress or Camo - you decide.

How about let the children decide? What this issue points to in Texass is, that, perhaps what is going on is blatent twisted rational of homophobic parents.

Doesn't matter how they dress does it? That doesn't make your kid gay....How about black trench coats instead? With a nice camo-theme, can you bring your gun to school that day, too?

As the Who would say, "The kids are alright." Perhaps the parents should back off.


The Liberty Legal Institute came to the aid of parent Delana Davies, who was concerned about officially sanctioned cross-dressing. Davies said having boys dress like girls is part of an effort to push a homosexual agenda in public schools.

An attorney for the tiny East Texas school district says there's no hidden agenda. He said the dress-up day was just intended to be fun for the kids.

Still, the tradition is being scrapped and the district will hold "Camo Day" instead -- with black boots and Army camouflage to be worn by everyone who wants to participate.

End of slice:

How about brown shirts with swasticas? Can they wear those too?

What happened to freedom of expresion? I forget, isn't that protected by our constitution?

If the kids were uncomfortable with it, perhaps they wouldn't partake in the dress up day?

I found a comment by the woman who said this wasn't good for her kids on another location:


"Delana Davies, 33, said she complained after reading a school notice about "TWIRP Day." Davies, whose 9-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter attend Spurger Elementary, said she viewed the day not as a silly Homecoming Week activity, but rather something related to homosexuality.

"It's like experimenting with drugs," Davies said. "You just keep playing with it and it becomes customary. ... If it's OK to dress like a girl today, then why is it not OK in the future?"

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YIKES, since when does playing dress up on any day relate to experimenting with drugs. Did they ban Halloween in Spurger Texass too?

Is it time to bring back Saddie Hawkins day, to reinforce our heterosexualness and give the homely gals in Spurger a chance?

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