Monday, November 08, 2004

Is God on our side, or are we on God's side?

Hummm, here's an interesting view point from an Orthodox Jew posted in today's LA Times.


"...Where, then, does the difference lie between those who look forward to the next four years and those who dread them? It has to do with a philosophical question: not of what is right or wrong, but why certain things are right or wrong.

There are two possibilities. Either we know what's right because God or his earthly agents inform us through objective revelation or tradition — or, we know because that's just what the better-informed human beings appear to have decided, through a subjective process of moral democracy. President Bush is the country's most prominent believer in objective morality...."

End of slice.

Who's definition of God do we use?

Allah Akbar?1,2, 3, 4, 5?

Then in turn, by who's definition do we define morals? The mix and confusion between ethical behavior and moral values are distrubing. How can people who claim to be moral and hold values then turn around and execute atrocities (and yes, even kill others in the name of their god) and direct mean spirited invective, still claim to be moral individuals.

I suppose, according to their beliefs, their fates will be reconciled at some point. Absolving oneself of one's sins once a week by going to a church of some kind and then perpetrating sins the rest of the week, makes you a hypocrite in my book, and unethical/immoral.

I loved Kerry's resonse in one of the debates where he said, "we don't believe that God is on our side, but that we are on God's side." In the end, the best wish is that those perpetrating illicit and immoral behavior should be judged by their own god.

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