Wednesday, November 03, 2004

One finger victory salute - back at you bush

This video clip about sums up the amount of concern our now elected prez has for us.

I say, back at you buddy. Now, clean up your mess and go to your room.


Anonymous said...

So, this video was made in what year...?

And the point of showing it is...?

And the relevance is...???

windspike said...

The video was made when Bush was running for Gov of Texas.

Your other questions are for you to answer.

Anonymous said...

I'm not the one who put the video up for viewing.

I assume you felt it was relevant.

Sounds as if you can't answer the questions.

windspike said...

Ah, how unusual. An accusation from an anonymous person!

I did have a reason for posting it, and it is for the reader to figure out. Life is not as simple as voting for a president that doesn't represent half the population.

Perhaps you should think on it a few days before posting another comment. Come up with your best idea as to what that point was. Or even better, let others chime in on this one. I think it is, really, a self evident point.

By the way, as I stipulated with John G. I don't reply to flagrant accusations that target me as an individual (particularly since you don't know me) that are baseless, nor backed up with any shred of fact/truth or high quality intellectual and substantiated rhetorical argument...and more importantly, I don't respond to commentary that is meant simply to be inflamatory. This is/was a K. Rove-ian strategy of saying something, even if it isn't true, and leaving the other party to reply. Either way, it is like dealing with terrorists who capture hostages. We don't negotiate becuase we know they will behead the poor souls anyway. If I reply, it puts more value on your baseless threat than if I don't.

Back at you anonymous.