Thursday, November 04, 2004

If the Iraq War was traded on the Stock Market, what would it be worth

Hummm, this is an ineresting bit my dad sent along to read.

Check it out.


"Would you have bought into the Iraq War if George W. Bush had made you an honest offer? This question is a revealing variant of one that people often ask and answer: “Is the war worth its price?”

Politicians and government officials are no strangers to such questions, and over the years they have given some amazing—frankly, shocking—answers. Thus, when General Curtis LeMay responded to questions about the U.S. fire-bombing of Tokyo’s residential neighborhoods in the latter stages of World War II, he declared: “We knew we were going to kill a lot of women and kids when we burned that town. Had to be done.” That is, the price was acceptable to him...."

End of slice:

If given the choice, I am not so sure we would have pitched in as the cost out weighs the investment. That is, no ROI at this point, and we are in a serious hole. How does one get out of this? Let's watch bush do it. And, I am hoping he is successful.

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