Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Who's your Daddy?

Okay, I saw this article, and lo, though Pedro helped the sox to a world series win, why are these spolied baseball players paid so much money to toss/hit a hardball around a diamond?

When are teachers going to be paid similar sums for their worth has certainly got to be greater than pedro martinez, no?


In making a run at Martínez, the Mets are among the first teams to put their cash on the table for a premium player. The Red Sox have offered Martínez a two-year guaranteed contract worth $25.5 million with an easily attainable third-year option. The Mets countered late Sunday with a three-year guaranteed contract worth approximately $38 million with a vesting option for a fourth year. Neither the Mets nor Martínez's agent Fernando Cuza would confirm or deny the offer.

End slice:

I think that, some day, people will wake up and realize that they get what they pay for and if you want just as good an education as you have professional baseball, or any kind of entertainment for that matter, then we will have to pony up for high quality teaching. I would suggest maybe a minimum of a million dollar yearly renewable contracts for teachers. No Tenure as for that kind of money, they wouldn't need it and the Constitution protects freedom of speach. That should pull in some good talent to the front of the classroom.

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averagejoe said...

Stories like this really make me regret giving up little league baseball...who knew you could get paid that much for a hobby?