Thursday, November 18, 2004

Foray into the shit storm - sub title: The Mainstream Media Propaganda Machine

I just got this note from my dad. It included some wonderful links, but I am not sure what to think of it. I suppose this is a glass half full v. half empty proposition. Which do you think it is:


"The hijab - the headscarf that many Muslim women wear as a signal of modesty. How does the hijab differ from gang signs, large crosses, t-shirts with messages, etc.? They all set their wearers apart. Haven't these people heard the Japanese expression, ''The nail that sticks out is hammered down''?

'No loftier position from which to view the world than a cross.' But it's my religion! It doesn't matter how you set yourself up as different, you're the nail that sticks out and you'll be treated accordingly. Having different expectations of society is indicative of a detachment from reality."

End of slice.

Are bloggers nails sticking out? Or are we talking about anyone not fitting in with their local societal norms?

Anyway, I thought the following web locations would be fun for other folks to check out. I particularly enjoyed this link, and its sentiment: "looks like we're in for four more years of this shit."

Next, I found another person posting actual pics from the front in Iraq. These are shots you won't see published by the mainstream meadia propaganda machine. Very graphic and disturbing to rational humans. The caveat is best stipulated from the author:


"the longer i do this the shorter this introduction gets. look at the pictures and make up your own mind. if our cause is just then we should not fear witnessing its cost.

A lot of people have sent me pictures of september 11th. please stop. i lived in lower manhattan on 9/11. saddam hussein had nothing to do with what happened that day."

End of slice.

Lastly, there is an interesting web location tracking militant muslim orgs. They posted the text of the letter stuck to the body of a hostage (he is dead now, of course) with a knife. This is chilling. Again, the mainstream media sanitizes this information leaving most of the USA in the dark, completely!


"There will come a Day when one soul will not be able to help another soul. A Day of horrible tortures and painful tribulations which will go together with with the terrible cries being pressed out of the lungs of the unjust .Cries. Mrs. Hirshi Ali, which will cause chills to run up someone's spine, and cause the hair on their head to stand straight up. People will appear to be drunk with (with fear) even though they arent drunk. On that Great Day the atmosphere will be filled with FEAR."

End of slice:

And in the end, terrorism is all about the fear, no? And isn't this current administration highly efffective at peddling fear to garner votes and seats, and push their agenda? Yes, saddly.

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