Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Get up off the couch you lazy sonofa - cure for the soul

I was a bit in a twist this weekend as I cleaned off my windsurfing gear for the season. Usually, I wait until after thanksgiving to do that, which I did. However, my underwear was a bit more in a bundle this time around becuase I hadn't been out on the water since 2 Oct. This is bad for those of you who know me. I don't get happier as I spend less time on the water. That said, I do have other responsiblities - including being a father to two wonderful boys (ages 2.5 and 7 months). They have reset my priorities to be sure.

So, while surfing the web instead of the waves, I found a nifty web location sponsored by American Express (and this is no endorsement for the product as I don't carry their card), with clips of Laird Hamilton ripping up Jaws (the big wave off of Maui's North shore). Check it out. This will have to be my wintertime salve to cure a bruised soul for not having the opportunity to get out on the water until next year. Laird has his own URL for the initiated.

Usually the season kicks in around here in February. As my gear is all clean and stored, I am ready and waiting. I must confess, I am a bit of a wind junkie, and have a lot more web locations for others who may be interested in windsufing and adrenaline junkie type locations. let me know and I'll post some more.

Warm winds to you all friends. And may the winter bring great gobs of snow that are board-able. Remember the famous words from Orwell's Animal Farm, "Two planks Bad, one Plank good"...or was that something else?

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