Monday, November 01, 2004

Please Vote for Kerry Tuesday!

In the event that you cannot tell from the shape of my Blog, I am voting for Kerry tomorrow. Nevermind that he is a windsurfer, and I support any windsurfer in their quest to find better employment so they can afford new gear. This guy is a thinking man, and I for many, would rather have a thinking man in the office rather than the dull bulb who is only out for his own good (and those of his closest capitalistic pig cronies - by the way, what has happened to Ken Lay anyway?) that is in there right now.

Please, don't forget to vote. And for those of you in the "battle ground states," good luck weathering the barrage of negativity. Vote anyway.

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Anonymous said...

NYTimes, Nov 2, 2004: Every four years, by journalistic if not political tradition, the presidential election must be accompanied by a "revolution." So what transformed politics this time around? The rise of the Web log, or blog. The Op-Ed page asked bloggers from all points on the political spectrum to say what they thought was the most important event or moment of the campaign [NYTimes registration required]

None of the NYTimes-selected blogs seem to get it right. The most important event was the internet as a fund raising machine. ''Money makes the mare go.''