Tuesday, November 23, 2004

ABC's mad dash to be a part of the Major Media Propaganda Machine

Looks like the capitalist pigs at ABC are using the swing toward the right and a "values" agenda to play up Mathew Shepard as not necessarily a guiltless victim of a heinous crime.

I can't imagine settling down after gorging yourself with the Thanksgiving feast and wanting to watch this "expose."

But then again....I can see it now...the rednecks sitting around, lamenting almost burning down the house as they deep fry their turkeys, settling in with the 8th budlight and a newly popped open bag of porkrinds, flipping around the channels and hitting on ABC's "documentary/expose" and saying, "heh, heh, heh, I always knew that faggot deserved it."

Holy shit, if that doesn't give you a shiver up and down your spine, I don't know what will. Fuck ABC. I wouldn't watch TV at all if I could pitch the TV. But the spouse wants one. We should all be looking to Guerrilla News Network for real meat to sink our news-starved teeth into.

Enough of the imagined...Perhaps we should remember the speach given by Harvey Fienstein after the whole tragedy took place.


...Because we are represented by politicians who feel free to call our lives a disease, an illness, a maladjustment and even a crime - and they do so with impunity. Because these politicians are not ripped from their elected positions with righteous indignation, but instead their coffers fill with donations and they are re-elected to high office time and again. That's why Matthew Shepard was beaten bloody.

Because we turn for moral leadership to priests and pastors and ministers and rabbis who daily refer to our lives as "abomination". Because these men and women of God are not punished for that assault on our dignity and humanity, but are treated with respect and deference and their defamation's are excused in the name of religious freedom. That's why Matthew Shepard was robbed and crucified on a fence.

Because talk-show hosts get laughs making jokes at our expense. Because comedians build careers aping and demeaning us. Because heterosexual actors win awards portraying us as "almost real people". Because newspapers and magazines lose no readership addressing their audience as if every one of us is straight. That's why Matthew Shepard was set on fire and left to die..."

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