Tuesday, November 16, 2004

A Whistle Blower's Catch - 22

This was a hot story (pun intended) for a bit in the Blogsisphere....However, as usuall, if you dig a bit deeper, you find that there is more to it. The man actually had/has a point.


In the recent interviews, Alanssi expressed anguish over not being able to visit his family in Yemen. He said that he suffers from diabetes and heart problems and that his wife is seriously ill with stomach cancer. Alanssi said he could not travel to his native country because he has no money and because the FBI, which is expecting him to testify at a terrorism trial in New York, was keeping his Yemeni passport.

“I must travel to Yemen to see my sick wife (stomac cancer) and my family before I testify at the court or any other places,” Alanssi wrote FBI agent Robert Fuller in New York, according to the copy he provided The Post yesterday. “Why you don’t care about my life and my family’s life? Once I testify my family will be killed in Yemen, me too I will be dead man.”

End of slice.

This makes it very difficult for individuals who have information that could prevent further acts of terrism to let officials know to intervene.

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