Tuesday, November 02, 2004

The mass media market vacuum -Oh, and by the way, we are loosing the war in Iraq, says Powell

Leave it to Blogger nation to make the news first. Why are there no pundits on national news web locations predicting the outcome. Last time around, they were busy polishing the tops of their champaign corks for no reason for one other the other candidate, but in particular the big wackjob in the white house. Of course, they blew it in advance. Now they are silent. Nature abhors a vacuum. Thank goodness for the blogsphere.

Check Wonkette she has the number. Lots of optimism....

and don't forget the daily news. This just in from GNN.tv


Secretary of State Colin Powell has privately confided to friends in recent weeks that the Iraqi insurgents are winning the war, according to Newsweek. The insurgents have succeeded in infiltrating Iraqi forces “from top to bottom,” a senior Iraqi official tells Newsweek in tomorrow’s issue of the magazine, “from decision making to the lower levels.”

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