Sunday, November 14, 2004

Death is a certainty. Thus, it is how one lives that is the measure of the true worth of a person

More sad news for the running community.

Just read through Joe Henderson's journal today for the weekly bit. Found out, Paul Reese passed away. He's a Marine, served in three wars. Above all, he was an avid runner until his final year.


"He wrote again to us friends in late October, with a good-bye of sorts. "One thing you learn as you sift through life is that the most precious gift of all is love, and I'm blessed to have a generous share of that. Of course, it could be argued that I am such a splendid person, what other choice is there but to love me!"

Another icon passes on...Dr. Paul Spangler, Johnny Kelly...Of course death is really not an option. It is how ones life is lived that is the measure of the true worth of a person. I hope only that I can live up to the measure of such icons....and can run until my last day.

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