Sunday, November 21, 2004

Let's hope the new U2 Album lives up to the hype

It is hard to believe that U2 will be able to live up to the hype of the forthcoming "how to dismantle a bomb." Most every review I have read glows, profusely:


"While the Edge's tremolo-picked sustained notes and arpeggios are familiar, the music is by no means a retreat to the chiming marches of early U2; instead, it encompasses grunge pugnacity, glam-rock stomps and the sudden benevolent fanfares of "Abbey Road"-era Beatles. The music scales dynamic peaks and dives into abysses and whirlpools, only to resolve into the next chorus. Every song is memorable."

End of snip:

Personally, I have been listening to U2 since the days of Boy, October, and War and I still think they rock. Long since I thought they were about to sell out, they come up with another winner. I loved Pop, and still crank Joshua Tree as loud as I can get it. Unforgetable Fire....bullet the blue sky, Bad....Many of their anthems stir the soul.

While I anxiously await the new one, I think they really need to go deeper in any following album. That is, I think they need to embrace their Irish roots and bust out a 100% accoustic set backed up with some real, authentic Irish instruments - whistle, pipes, fiddle, bodhran, and button box. That would melt a soul, I would bet.

Perhaps the boys in the band will be blog surfing and find this suggestion. And, if we are lucky, they will come off their forthcoming arena rock bender and really want to sit down with a pint of some kind of stout, in a warm cubby with a turf fire burning nearby, and embrace their roots - produce some music with tight ties to their Irish souls and emeshed with the sounds that made them.

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