Monday, November 22, 2004

Iraq Debt Forigiven - US Taxpayers picking up the tab?

Now, if Iraq, the recent home to many terrorists, leathal individuals, criminals the likes of Saddam, and the incidential kind individual or benign citizen can get their creditors to forgive their debt, why can't I get Visa to relieve my debt burden?


"The world's leading industrial nations agreed Sunday to cancel 80 percent of the nearly $39 billion debt owed them by Iraq, a critical step in rebuilding the country's devastated economy and an important precedent for its other creditors to follow.

The agreement, after a year of intense lobbying by the United States, puts pressure on Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iraq's other Middle Eastern neighbors to forgive obligations owed them, including billions in reparations Iraq owes from the Persian Gulf war in 1991."

End slice:

So, logic follows that if the US Taxpayer is footing the bill for the current desert conflagration, and the last desert storm, that nagging pain we feel in our wallets is a sucking sound caused whenever politicians support yet another initiative to wage war. And, if the criminals are not held liable, why are we?

Again, as I have said, I think the ROI for the war in Iraq is simply not worth it. Perhaps we should put the bastards at Visa in charge of debt collection on these billions and billions of dollars of debt and we may get our money back. They are vicious indivuals and don't take no for an answer.

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