Sunday, October 31, 2004

If it is this close, how can the sitting president be any good

"It's as close as it could conceivably be. Closer than I've ever seen before. Close here and several other states. We may not know the outcome until mid-November,"said Eric Rademacher, who directs the University of Cincinnati's Ohio Poll

I wonder, with a race as tight at the pollsters are calling it (not like I agree with the statistical cheats), how could Bush really think his record is any good? Don't you think, if he is as good as he says he is, that it should be a blow out! Well, it has to suck to think that your entire political carreer rests on the voters judgement on your record on Tuesday and not have a lock on it.

Thus, I am calling it for Kerry - across the board and a sweep in the swing states. This guy bush can't be overly confident with no margin to speak of, and a strategy that rests on decietful practices such as blocking voters. Bush is Done and we will be singing when it happens.

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Anonymous said...

Who answers polls? We treat them like telemarketers - by hanging up.

- Anon