Friday, October 29, 2004

Another Reason to Love Bruce Springsteen

You got to love this story: A star who is not above the proletariat.


"The residents of 508 W. Washington Ave. were already pretty psyched when they realized that a massive rally with Sen. John F. Kerry and Bruce Springsteen would take place on their street Thursday afternoon.

When the rock star's trailer parked in front of their house, 21-year-old Danya Bader-Natal — one of the seven University of Wisconsin seniors who live in the gray wooden house — scrawled a message in green marker on a flattened box and hung it from their second-story balcony: "Bruce come up for a beer."

On his way back to his trailer after playing a short set for a crowd of 80,000 people, the singer pointed at the sign with a grin. And, much to their shock, he took the students up on their invitation..."

End of slice

You have got to know that this is an important election when Springsteen steps into the fray as he has never done that before, Ever! Moreover, I would much rather be voting for someone that Springsteen supports than anyone else. Rock on Bruce!

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