Saturday, October 30, 2004

Our Cat makes a Calendar

From what I can tell, our cat's pic has made it to an DateWorks calendar, which you can find in a variety of locations.

I found it on line for about 12 bucks. We don't make any cash on it, but our cat gets bragging rights for the year with 364 others. Her name is Michigan Winter. See if you can find her amidst the pages.

The product is a DateWorks 2005 Kittens & Cats Day-at-a-Time calendar. Now I think it is this one, but I am not 100% sure since you can see all the pages to see if you really want it.


Anonymous said...

ironic that u'r cat is all cute and gets in a calendar but she's the most viscious unapproachable cat ever.

-rock city

windspike said...

You bet, she is a bitch. But she is my kind of bitch:-) Can't bear to part with her...I suppose. Unless of course, you know of some good family that would love her too...perhaps a craigslist posting is in order.