Saturday, October 23, 2004

Here's a report from earlier in the year on Bush's Military record...since the media is neglecting to report on this now

Just thought I would point this article out as we seem to have forgotten about the subject of Bush's failure in military survice and spurious allegations that he satisfactory completed his obligation.

This is from Gerald A. Lechliter copy right 2004:


Summary -The following analysis of President Bush’s (“Bush”) military records and the controlling legal authorities shows the following beyond any reasonable doubt:

1. The pay records released by the White House this past winter prove Bush received unauthorized, i.e., fraudulent, payments for inactive duty training, even if he did show up for duty.

2. The memorandum from Lieutenant Colonel (Retired) Albert C. Lloyd, who affirmed for the White House that Bush met his retention/retirement year point requirement, is an obfuscation, or outright deception, that disregarded Bush’s failure to meet the statutory and regulatory fiscal year satisfactory participation requirement.

3. Bush’s superiors in the Texas Air National Guard failed to take required regulatory actions when Bushed missed required training and failed to take his flight physical.

4. Despite seemingly laudatory comments, Bush’s May 1972 officer performance report was a clear and unmistakable indication that his performance had declined from the annual 1971 report. The report was the kiss of death before he left for Alabama that year.

5. Bush did not meet the requirements for satisfactory participation from 1972 to 1973.

end of slice -

This report may take you longer than a sound bite to read, but hey, it the conclusions are enough to prove Bush an out right devious and misleading this someone you want to be leading our brave troops? I say, simply, NO!

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