Friday, October 29, 2004

Quick Snip from my brother on the Iraqi Frontlines

Just thought I would let you know my brother's reply to my most recent email to him:

Thanks for the great photos. The kids are growing fast. On occasion, I'm able
to get into my Yahoo accounts. From there, I'm able to link to your Ofoto account and view photos, but the connection is very slow on this end. Slower than my dial up at home.

All is going well here. We still get the one or two rocket attacks almost daily, but it isn't really a big deal. As I told ..., the base's landmass is bigger than our home town so most of the time the rockets hit where they do no harm.

Off base, the risk factor goes way up. Roadside bombings seem to be a daily occurrence throughout Iraq. Throw in some small arms fire and a RPG or two and you have a trilling day/night. Not sure when we will see a lull in this activity. The bad guys are keeping us busy in this department. To bad, most of the locals would really like to get on with their lives.

Well, say hello to your wife and the kids for me. I'm doing well on this end. So don't worry about me.

Take care,


your brother

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