Saturday, October 30, 2004

Bush can't even get his verbal cues right

Check this out. This guy is so bad, he can't even make the confetti rain at the right time.

Oh, looks like I am also voting with John Hall, the person who wrote "Still the one," whom, it seems didn't like Bushie using his great song to rouse the troops. So, he has to pull it.


...NewsCenter 5's Janet Wu reported that the Sox star wound up being a scratch, and that wasn't the only sour note for the president. The composer of the 70s pop hit "Still the One" demanded the president stop using the song at his campaign rallies. John Hall said that he's a Kerry supporter... Schilling may have been a no-show, but Kerry supporters snuck through the usually tight security and disrupted the president's speech several times. Then, Bush himself inadvertently delivered verbal cues prematurely, releasing bags of confetti in the middle of his speech. The gaffes almost overshadowed his closing, patriotic, positive message -- laced with frequent references to his opponent.

The latest poll shows Bush trailing Kerry by 4 points in the Granite State. ...

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