Monday, June 20, 2005

Morality Cloak Shredded

The original title to this post was "QED" to make referrence to yesterday's post linking up with Kid Bastard at Moxie Grrrl. The media/news always seems to provide us with yet another example of W, Rove and Co's morality cloak getting shredded by their actions and rhetoric.

Mr. Bush does not deny the greater potential of embryonic stem cells: he says his decision was compelled by his belief that retrieving stem cells from the embryo destroys it, thereby resulting in the killing of a human being that cannot be justified no matter how vast the potential benefits.
End slice:

"...thereby resulting in the killing of a human being that cannot be justified no matter how vast the potential benefits" is the phrase that gets my britches in a twist. If that is what he truly believes, why can't he work on a building a timeline for getting our military out of harms way sooner rather than later? Or, more importantly, why did he put them in Iraq in the first place?

Again, the ROI (or 'potential benefit') is not, was not, and never has been worth the outlay. Forget about morality, what I would enjoy is just one shred of integrity from this administration.


Nedhead said...

Ahhh, but see, language is dynamic, so your definition of integrity may not be the same as dialect that is used in Washington. Although I would agree with your proposed definition, it does not mesh well with the Administrations policies. You must use the special ability of taking words/definitions out of context.

For example, Mirriam-Webster provides this as one of their definitions: "the quality or state of being complete or undivided". The American Heritage dictionary provides this: "unity". Can you deny that BushCo doesn't put up an undivided front? By ignoring more generally accepted defintions, the administration is still demonstrating "integrity."

And since all their actions and policies are blessed by Pat Robertson and Jesus, himself, then it is my own integrity that I question!

JoeC said...

I agree 100% with your assessment of our current Governing body. But would G Dub have to have been something other than a brain dead redneck (I am a Texan and totally ashamed of him) who would understand when life begins and ends? To another point does he have nothing better to talk about than something he had to be schooled in so he could pseudo-speak on the subject? I wonder if his parents had children that lived, would they have been politicians? LMAO

SheaNC said...

If they didn't have hypocrisy, they'd be screwed!