Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Set for More Corporate Wellfare

While the media is sidetracked by the forthcoming speech by W (and the mixed sentiment about Iraq), we should all notice that Corporate America (like Walmart - hat tip to Shea for the link) is getting set for another big windfall in the form of concessions to Big Oil (no surprise there) and nuke companies (no surprise there either), oh, and coal cos. too (not surprised there either, are you?). So, the W, Rove and Co is only against wellfare when it goes to poor folks, I suppose. Oh, and they are set to further screw the Veterans - the very GIs the W, Rove and Co so shamefully use as a backdrop for political gain.

Slice 1:
The US Senate overwhelmingly passed a controversial energy bill that gives billions of dollars in incentives to the oil and nuclear firms, but which critics say does not go far enough to encourage conservation....The public interest group Taxpayers for Common Sense estimates that the tax credits for the nuclear energy industrty will total some 278 million dollars over the next 10 years, while the coal industry will garner some 2.25 billion dollars....


SheaNC said...

You know, between the military stuff and the corporate stuff, not to mention the other stuff... I'm beginning to lose hope!

windspike said...


Don't let go. We need to gather together the likeminded individuals and as an amaglamation, make a huge impact on the coming elections. It can be done, and as Jet over at God Dem would say, we need each and every one of you and us to be there when it happens.

I still remember the day Bill Clinton beat W's Dad! People were singing "Ding, Dong the Witch is Dead" and the streets were alive that night with celebrations.

It will happen again

SheaNC said...

I hope so. When I see how much more successful they are at installing themselves in positions of power, even without popular support, it is troubling.