Sunday, June 12, 2005

1700 Soldiers and No End in Sight

The ROI in Iraq slips and slurps further down the soiled toilet and oily slick pipelines sucking bad money after bad and soul after soul.

The military announced the killing of four more U.S. soldiers on Sunday, pushing the American death toll past 1,700, and police found the bullet-riddled bodies of 28 people — many thought to be Sunni Arabs — buried in shallow graves or dumped streetside in Baghdad.


panthergirl said...

The whole thing makes me sick. Such a waste.

Jet said...

This is worth personal profiteering? How suprememly arrogant.

SheaNC said...

I maintain that the entire point of teh war, the actual reason for it, is profiteering. Bush & his cronies are all connected to energy industry and military contractors. War is their business, and they turned America into their storefront: "War-R-US"

Nedhead said...

Makes me what to utter a lot of curses. What about the total number of dead Iraqis?

I'm not much for religion, but it appears that there is some truth to the story about the Great White Satan.

Anonymous said...

In Columbia, been there, done that

''Killing Pablo,'' by Mark Bowden, ISBN 0-14-200095-7, c2001

page 85:

A communique from the Extraditables not long after hammered home the point:

We are declaring total and absolute war on the government, on the individual and political oligarchy, on the journalists who have attacked and insulted us, on the judges that have sold themselves to the government, on the extraditing magistrates ... on all those who have persecuted and attacked us. We will not respect the families of those who have not respected our families. We will burn and destroy the industries, properties and mansions of the oligarchy.

page 96:

So the dying continued. In the first two months of 1991 there was an average of twenty murders a day in Colombia, and in Medellin a total of 457 police had been killed since
Colonel Martinez had started his hunt. Young gunmen in that city were being paid 5 million pesos for killing a cop. When the Search Bloc shot two more of Pablo's top cicarios in January 1991, Pablo announced that two of his prize hostages would be executed in return. Marina Montoya was murdered on January 24. Her kidnappers placed a bag over her head and marched her from the place where she had been held captive for four months, a woman of sixty with long white hair, and shot her six times in the head. Her body was found in an empty lot north of Bogota. Someone had stolen her shoes. Diana Turbay was killed ten days later when police forces found where she was being held and tried to rescue her. She was evidently killed in the crossfire. The deaths of these women, well known and loved in the social circles of Bogota's elite, had exactly the effect intended.