Monday, June 27, 2005

GIs are Genuinely Ripping Pissed

Prof. Marcus and Anon in the Nine Eleven post shoot us a fantastic blog that allows real service men and women to point out their own powerful views about Karl Rove and the W, Rove and Co. (Taking the Fight To Karl). I am blog rolling the location and I urge all other bloggers to do the same. The site is very powerful, and if you want to know what the GIs are thinking, go there.

I am a 23 year veteran Senior NCO with more days in tents drawing imminent danger pay than our current president has in verifiable drill days in the TANG.

This administration has pushed me to the left, just to distance myself from the lying the profiteering and hypocrisy of what has become the Republican Party. I’m not here to send war stories, and I am not a trigger puller by trade, but working in the medevac arena these last 4 years has shown me the effects of the evil that Mr. Bush has unleashed on the world.


SheaNC said...

I know I refer to this site a lot, but since Rove's remarks it seems more relevant than ever: Who Served? It certainly wasn't Karl Rove. But it was a lot of Democrats.

Marie said...

Rover wouldn't last an hour in Iraq much less boot camp.

Glad they're sounding off!