Sunday, June 26, 2005

Nine Eleven

Pia over at Courting Destiny - being from NYC and living through the whole Nine Eleven Tragedy in person - has a very revealing take on the whole Rovewashing of hands by Karl (the kingpin of obfuscation).

Jet at Bring It On and God Dem (a double post whammy) really has put her finger on it. Karl was intentional and is intentional about everything he does. The reason why he spoke the words he did the other day was to divert the public's attention from the Downing Street Memo and others that support the idea that the public was gravely lied to and misled intentionally to get us to support an unjust war with Iraq. Let's not let the buggers in the W, Rove and Co off the hook simply because they are good at obfuscation. Demand federal intervention and impeachment hearings.

Here's my reply to Pia's post:

Great post Pia,

On 9/11, I went to work although it was challenging to peel myself away from the scene playing out live on my television. At the time I left to make my commute to my job, we didn't know it was a terrorist attack, and there was still a hint that this could have been one tragic accident. Then the second plane hit. No, this was not an accident.

Ironically, my job was in a classroom. All the kids were wondering what they should do - and all of them were accounted for, by the way. We still had class. It was challenging to think about chemistry at that time and by the time we had finished word came round that classes had been canceled and everyone should return home.

I headed back to public transit after fishing around the net for more information - no luck. All the circuits were tied up.

The public transit system was on a "holiday" schedule and the tube was eerily quite. There were more cops in riot gear than there were passengers on the platform.

From that moment forward, I wanted heads to roll (off the tip of a blade preferably, but certainly by any means necessary) and was ready to support actions, not policy making. There was a unique window of opportunity that was entirely squandered by the W, Rove and Co where unity was present. We were acting as one - lest we forget that.

But that "political" capital is lost and awash in the lies and deceit that moved us to Iraq for baseless revenge and oil barons' wealth building. It is time for the "right" thinking majority in our world (be they republicans or democrats or some other political persuasion) to step up and demand accountability and expect and demand that our elected representatives seek restitution - and I, as you, believe it should end with nothing short of impeachment and certainly warrants jail time for certain upper echelon folks in the W, Rove and Co.

Let's see how long they last behind bars.


profmarcus said...

i too thought at first that rove's comment was meant as a distraction from the dsm and bush's tanking in the polls but after reading robert parry's column, i see more to it... parry says (and it makes perfectly good sense) that rove was signalling the intent of bushco to rally lagging public support for iraq by demonizing dissent and tagging dissenters with undermining the safety and security of the troops... stay tuned... tuesday night's only around the corner...

Anonymous said...

Take it to Karl

Thanks to profmarcus for the link to takeitpersonally, wherein takeittokarl was found.

Some wrenching posts, so strong that the blogger has taken to asking for verification on emails.

See for yourself, here.

windspike said...

Thanks for pointing out the great link, Anon and ProfMarcus for the link up as well.

I am going to blogroll take it to Karl and make it a separate post urging others to visit as well.

Blog on all