Monday, June 13, 2005

Bulworth, Dean and the Extreme

I found an interesting AP article in today's local rag, ironically, just above a Boston Medical Group advert. In it, our venerable VP the Big Swinging Dick Cheney slams Governor Dean for raising the ire of some folks at some meeting somewhere. In it, the Veep suggests that the former Governor of Vermont "never won anything, as best I can tell..." proving once again, the W, Rove and Co. is all about obfuscation of the first order.

Here's the quote from the article I like the best:
Karen Finney, a spokeswoman for the Democratic National Committee, objected to Cheney's characterization of Dean. "

Governor Dean must be doing something right if the vice president of the United States would stoop so low as to use the governor's mother as a way to deflect from answering the concerns of the American people," Finney said Sunday. "It's no wonder President Bush's approval ratings are at an all-time low."
End Slice:

Dean's remarks remind me of the flick, Bulworth - saying it like it is often strikes a blow to the hearts and minds of folks in the wrong. That they doth protest so much, perhaps Dean isn't too far off the mark. That said, Dean is has gone out on a limb, but as Brother Malcolm would say, the extreme view point is very necessary as it makes the middle look more palatable.

A better interpretation of the whole Dean boondoggle is articulated in John Carrol's article.

Most Americans are neither ultraconservative nor superrich, and they are interested in hearing the truth. The Democrats should be interested in telling the truth, and telling it in a strong and convincing manner. They cannot flinch when the White House does one of its "gay marriage booga booga" dances. Be not afraid, Democrats. This is not an occasion in which the meek will inherit the earth. Speak for the people, because the people need you to end the madness.


Nedhead said...

The hypocrisy of our illustrious VP is mind boggling. The Repubs can dish-out but can't take it. They are experts at harsh rhetoric, but have to call someone a mama's boy when they get a taste of their own medicine. And what about his statement about never winning anything, didn't Dean get voted into a governor's office?

That being said, I am sickened of politics as usual. I understand the rationale behind Dean's verbal thrusts, about the desire to fight fire with fire, but why must this be necessary? Why must we all act like children? SHouldn't the leaders of our country be above this chiken-shit type mud throwing?

Anonymous said...

Mud: a rule to die by

That the Veep would even mention Howard Dean's comment is an endorsement.

The rule with ''mud'' is to wait until it dries, then brush it off.

The Republican's must see an explosive kernel of truth in Dean's comment. Probably more than Dean did when Dean made it.

The nice thing about baiting the paranoid, they're afraid of everything.

profmarcus said...

my sentiments exactly... truth-tellers usually never come in at the top of popularity contests and i'm thrilled that dean is doing what he does best... we desperately need it... no doubt it's quite a shock for the r's...

TheMadAdmin said...

The world of politics. The people in this country would drop dead if someone in charge just came out and said what they truely thought without having their handlers and spin masters take a crack at it or retract it later.

I am sick of all of them.

SheaNC said...

If Dean told Cheney to "go fuck himself," who would be the bad guy, I wonder?

romablog said...

Jesus. Cheney could kill a democrat and drink their blood for sustenance and the media wouldnt get riled up about it.