Thursday, June 16, 2005

Here's a Debate I'd Like to See

Given the recent news about the poor, unfortunate political football, Terri Schiavo, I still think we need to resolve the issue. Let's set the stage for a fun debate to see which side would be victorious.

The Right-To-Lifer or the Sanctity-of-Marriage Proponent?

Who would win? You decide.


Nedhead said...

Fun debate? I think it should be a competitive sporting event. Whoever throws the bible the furthest and hardest wins. Kinda like a good ole' fashion game of dodgeball. Of course, the referees shall be Pat Robertson and Jerry Falwell. This should be a tournament, and I think at least two teams should be added: "Die, Gays, Die" and "Darwin Was a Dick."

SheaNC said...

Right-wing bloggers are still saying that if it was okay to remove her feeding tube then we should go start killing "retards" (I use quotes there because that term is offensive to me - I used to work with the developmentally disabled). Perhaps they would be silent on the issue of TS was an Iraqi woman at a checkpoint cowering on a concrete floor...