Wednesday, June 22, 2005

More on Family Values

Coincidentially, Ken over at Common Sense has a well thought out statement about family values posted yesterday that flows nicely with my earlier post on "Bad Boys."

So what exactly is this family whose values we are longing to support? The simplest definition of a “family” is probably the best one to use, but it is also the first thing people will disagree about. No matter. For purposes of clarity and by reason of Common Sense, a family consists of two committed adult parents and at least one child. Without a child, or children, you are only a couple, or even a single. It is with the addition of children that the family unit is formed. The exception to this definition would be the single-parent family, but despite studies and findings that may disagree, two parent families are both more practical and better suited to the purpose of families in general. That purpose is really quite simple: it is to raise the child(ren) to adulthood, having taught them to become a responsible, productive, and hopefully happy member of the society. If society is the total combination of individuals and their actions, then the family is our training ground.
End Slice:

Here's the last pargraph of my comment over there:
Politicians who play the family values card in a means to foist themselves on our lifestyles and as a political ploy to get elected should be placed in a time out, indefinately (or at least until their actions correspond to a positive and inclusive definition rather than an exclusive and descriminatory one)!


Anonymous said...

''Houston, we have a problem.''

Divide and conquer was the technique of the Caesars. It is also the technique of the modern Republican Party. The object is to destroy the center and create warring factions in the body politic. In practice, the Republicans create as many wedge issues as possible. Each issue creates a mini-constituency on each side. One side will vote Republican (it's their issue). The other side is fractionated and still hopes for compromise.

The Republicans are against government per se. Their policy is to destroy it and rule in the resulting chaos.

''Family values'' should be seen for what it is. Forget about ''family values!'' it's just one of many wedge issues (Guns, God, Gays, The Flag, Operation Iraqi Freedom, abortion, etc.). Start looking at the Republican policy of divide and conquer.

If it looks like a wedge issue, walks like a wedge issue, and quacks like a wedge issue. it's a wedge issue.

SheaNC said...

Republicans do claim to be against government, but when they are in power, they increase the size of government, along with spending. Their claim to value less government is superceded by their boundless hypocrisy.

Jet said...

This gov't wants to spy on you, regulate your bedroom, saddle you with debt, and lie -- a lot.

These are all regular family values, right? What's not to love?