Friday, June 10, 2005

Two Thousand Dollars

Well, $ 2K is not a MacArthur Genius Grant or the Nobel Prize, but it's a start. I have always argued that if we paid teachers what they are worth we might attract better teachers. By the way, how much does Barry Bonds get paid now that he is not swinging his bat? Why can't we even pay teachers a modest fraction of that salary - at least enough to live comfortably in the towns within which they teach?


Every year, in addition to granting honorary degrees, Williams also honors four high school teachers. But not just any high school teachers. Williams asks the 500 or so members of its senior class to nominate the high school teachers who had a profound impact on their lives. Then each year a committee goes through the roughly 50 student nominations, does its own research with the high schools involved and chooses the four most inspiring teachers.

Each of the four teachers is given $2,000, plus a $1,000 donation to his or her high school. The winners and their families are then flown to Williams, located in the lush Berkshires, and honored as part of the graduation weekend.


Nedhead said...

Hey, maybe base salaries ain't all that good, but once your in, oh man! Tenure is a force to be reckoned with! And how about that nice little pension plan? With medical benefits! Go NEA!

Lets see, my private sector job pension plan: nonexistent, retiree medical benefits: nonexistent, salary: +/- 10% higher then public sector.

And money won't buy a good teacher, just better facilities.

Anonymous said...

Walk a kilometer in my bare feet

The nice part about teaching is that almost anyone can sign up to substitute teach. Subs work for next to nothing so you get the feel of what the system is like.