Tuesday, June 21, 2005

If there is a Line in the Sand, Where do you Stand?

There has been interesting line of commentary over at Dr. Forbush. One point that the professional obfuscators continue to raise is a comparison between W and Clinton, and the fact that Clinton was impeached and W, is not.

I was thinking about this particular argument on my morning run. There is a substantial difference between blood spilled in the various sandy points across the globe under false pretense and cum stains on a blue dress. Which one a person believes is a more impeachable offense says a whole lot about the person behind the belief.

While it is up to congress to do the impeaching, at least we can vote the bastards out.

Post Script:

Dr. Forbush has an excellent post for today about the Downing Street Memo that folks aught have a look at if there are any doubts that the document is grave cause for concern, if not justification for some kind of investigation of the W, Rove and Co.

So, when the Downing Street Memo was published the US media was already primed with the expected stonewall of the administration. The US media didn’t realize that this document and subsequent documents were different.

Up to this point the evidence that the Bush administration was fixing the intelligence around their policy was mainly circumstantial evidence. One could look at the facts that were know and assume that the administration was either a bunch of dunderheads, or the CIA was a bunch of dunderheads or the administration was working with the CIA to create evidence to take the country into war. Well, many Americans would much rather believe the first two options rather than the third...

...The three days before the Congress voted on going to war George W Bush, and Condi Rice each made the famous statement, “We don’t want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.” They were referring to Iraq’s capability to build a nuclear weapon and supposedly have a terrorist group explode it in the US. These words were designed to frighten Congress into voting for the Iraq War. Many of the Republicans were already on board, but the larger the margin the stronger the mandate, so the President wanted the largest margin possible. We know that this was a fear tactic, because this statement wasn’t used after the vote. The statement was clearly designed to get some of the Democrats to vote for the bill so the President could brag that the Iraq War was a bipartisan decision...

...The Downing Street memo is a secret memo written in July 2002, well before the invasion of Iraq. It was information about a meeting where a British diplomat traveled to Washington in order to find out what the Bush administration was going to do about the Iraq situation. This British diplomat told the Prime Minister that the Bush administration was fixing the intelligence in order to justify the war. This is known as documented evidence...

...Hopefully the American people will ask questions too.


Dr. Forbush said...

Thanks for the plug! Don't forget to check out members of the Big Brass Alliance and Bring It On.

Jet said...

I frequently come away from reading one of Dr. Forbush's post with a nugget I'll mull for the rest of the day.

If you haven't joined the Big Brass Alliance, I second Dr. Forbush on that. It's been an excellent source of information.