Friday, June 24, 2005

Flagellating Karl - Sub Tittle: There Must be a Special Place in Hell for These Folks

No tears here for Mr. Rove (sponsored by yours and my tax dollars - oh, and no, we didn't elect him. He came as part of the package). He's such and easy target. I suggest you visit, Moxie Grrrl, Cranky Liberal, and review the lively discourse in the comment areas. Here's a slice or two or three from the primary posts:

Moxie Grrrl Says:
This is the inherent problem with Bush and his stupid cronies. Let's go in and blow the place to shit, make a half assed attempt to look like we're "getting the bad guys" and have no fucking plan whatsoever. AND FOR FUCK'S SAKE - IRAQ HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH 9/11!!!
Kid Bastard over at Moxie Grrrl elaborates:
The 9/11 victims were all people. Just people. They weren't saints or icons or symbols of American ideals, they were just people. For every loving father, devoted wife, flag-waving patriot and hard worker in those towers, there were just as many slackers, abusive spouses/parents and flag-burning rebels. You know how I know? Because they were people. And in any group of people you have sweethearts and you have assholes, saints and sinners and all points in between. To suggest that these people would all speak with one voice from beyond the grave is as foolish as suggesting they all spoke with one voice while they lived. They didn't, they don't, and to suggest otherwise is absurd at best and offensive at worst.

To seek justice for their murders is an admirable goal, and one that both parties should have no trouble getting behind. But to drape oneself in their corpses to lend credence to a partisan agenda is an affront to their memories, and a slap in the face to those they left behind. I call on leaders of both parties to stop this sort of rhetoric, and pledge not to do it again.
Cranky Says:
Now don’t get me wrong Karl, I’m all for going in and killing every bastard who wants to hurt my family. I just like knowing the bastard I’m killing deserves it. Maybe that’s the big difference Karl, Liberals looked at the savagery of 9/11 and prepared to fight the enemy. You looked at the savegery of 9/11 and decided to make new ones.

Here's my Comment posted at the Cranky Liberal:

I love the last two lines. Just about sums it up, except for an amplification of the point of the killing of thousands of ordinary, innocent Iraqis (you know, collateral damage) in the process, which is about a good a ticket to hell as any.

At least the W, Rove and Co will have lots of company - and I couldn’t imagine a more horrific hell than having to consort with the W, Rove and Co and their ilk for eternity.

8:30 PM P.S.
International Rock City points us to another person who quite easily points out the Rove hypocrisy:
But remember, Rove is neither insane nor a mere criminal. You figure out what he is. But remember that he seems to hate our liberties and way of life.
25 June - 1:48 PM Update - More on Rove by James Wolcott:
No, Hanson is doing what Rove is doing what Rush is doing what Coulter is doing what Michelle Malkin is doing what O'Reilly is doing what they're all doing: trying to erase any distinction between suicide feces bombers and liberals who enjoy the occasional latte, smearing everybody with the same slime brush. Well, they've been doing it successfully for years but, as Billmon suggests, their arms are beginning to flail and the spatter effect is a Jackson Pollock of desperation.

What amazes me is that more Americans now blame Bush for provoking the war with Iraq than blame Saddam Hussein. That's not an argument I've heard anyone make on cable talk or on the op-ed pages. Somehow Americans drew that conclusion all on their own! The tide of popular opinion turning against the war is washing away walls we didn't even know were there.

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SheaNC said...

It's hard to begin on Rove. The utter contempt he displays for everything American. No freedoms for anyone but his gang for which no word has yet been invented (liar-thief-hypocrite-pervert?). Nothing for the rest of us, because we exist only to serve them. Why do people like him gain such power?

You want to know something else? I have been ridiculed (not exaggerating) by right-wing bloggers for criticizing Rove. Sometimes, it seems hopeless.