Saturday, June 04, 2005

Tell Me Again Why We Need Greek Letter Organizations

The trial is underway in the hazing incident at Chico that left one kid dead. I still can't quite figure out why we need these groups on a college campus. Anyone explain it to me?


The Chico State University student who survived the bizarre hazing ritual that killed his friend testified Friday that during the final days of rushing Chi Tau, their would-be fraternity brothers controlled what they ate (such as raw onions and garlic), whom they spoke to (no women), what clothes they wore (matching pledge uniforms) and even what they looked at (only other fraternity members' shoes).

"They ordered us to work out, what clothes to wear, where to look, where not to look. ... (They) made us roll around in beer on the floor, and do many, many, many push-ups," Quintana testified. "Pretty much activities that you were never meant to accomplish, but to fail."

At one point the two pledges were forced to do push-ups in raw sewage when the pipes in the fraternity house backed up, Quintana said. Chi Tau members doused them with water as they were forced to lie on their backs, feet in the air, and sing a song called "I'm a Little Cockroach," he recalled.

The two also were forced to eat what fraternity members called a "pledge apple" (a raw onion) and "pledge candy" (raw garlic cloves), Quintana testified.

On the night they were allegedly forced to drink water from five-gallon jugs, the two pledges asked permission to urinate on themselves; when that happened, Quintana said, "we would have to say, 'Sir is peeing.'

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How nice.


Jet said...

I was perfectly happy in college as a non-greek. I don't see the network concept as being that big a value with the tech-network available today. Greek Societies are just divisive and apparently, dangerous.

SpikesDad said...

Unfortunately there are those people who ruin what can be good for everyone else. I was a member of a greek letter organization. There are laws against hazing, and the national fraternities strictly enforce these laws, as did the University leadership at my school. There was oversite to ensure these types of activites did not take place..and if they did, the group was put on probation or disbanded and the students were expelled from school

We were never hazed nor did we haze. As with any organization, the positives are learning leadership skills, doing social work in the community, supporting academic excellence. Our Greek Letter group chose Big Brothers/Big Sisters as our charity, and worked all year to raise money for this wonderful organization.

I ache for the family of the boy that died and hope that this incident is fully investigated and those irresponsible individuals are punished. The bad apples get the press slinging mud on the vast majority that obey the laws and respect human dignity.

The hazing and lack of respect for human dignity is not a product of Greek Letter Organizations, look at similar cases that have come up in atheletics, military institutions, police precincts, Abu Ghrab prision.... for some reason, there are always those individuals that feel a need to bully others to gain a sense of dominance. We with better sense have to keep a lookout and stop these practicies when we can.

Thanks for letting me express my comments. I enjoy your blog.

Kris said...

I had similar negative feelings of frats when my son decided to join one last fall. My feelings, however, have completely changed. His frat, sig ep, had no hazing. They were required to do a great deal of community service. He has worked at the Special Olympics, given blood, and raised money for charity. They were required to participate in the "Sober Driver" program, which provided free transportation to intoxicated students who called a telephone number plastered all over campus. They taught my ADD son time management and required him to spend 6 hours a week in the library studying. They provided support when he got mono his first semester and came close to dropping out. They provided a group social structure which expected accountability from its members. His frat has the highest GPA nationally of all the Greeks. I truly believe, because of his ADD, he would not have been able to succeed at his first year of college without Sig Ep. They provided, structure, routine, accountability, and family, which he badly needed. Maybe all Greeks should not be painted with the same brush.