Thursday, June 30, 2005

Just About as Good As A Fading Yellow Magnetic Ribbon Pasted to a Hummer

Anyone been over to www dot America Supports You dot Mil yet? I've been over there three times since W mentioned it in his now lauded-by-the-riechwingers speech. I have it found it about as gratifying and useful as those magnetic ribbons slapped on various SUVs.

What do you think about the location?

Here's the latest few posts from folks about the globe:
I thought that I would thank the men and women who have faithfully served that nation in a time of war. I pray every night that you will come back home and that everybody will recieve you with open arms.
Ben Bese, Drummond, OK

I would like to be able to thank each one of you individualy, that being impossible, I will just say that I pray for all of you and want you home safe. God bless you!
anne carr, Natick, MA

I just wanted you guys to know that it's not just Americans who value what you are doing all over the world. We here in Britain value, support, and are grateful for all the hard work and dedication that you have shown. It is people like yourselves and the others in your armed services along with our own armed services that have ensured our survival and freedom. So I wanted you to know that people all over the world see you as the fighters of freedom and liberty not just for America but for all those that value the right to say and think what they like.
Michael Pope, Harlow United Kingdon

We all realize how difficult it is for you and we want you to know our thoughts and prayers are with you. God Bless you and keep you safe. We hope you return home soon.
Anna Garcia, Saint Louis, MO
Here's the latest few responses from GIs:
Just wanted to say thank you to everyone out there who supports the Military! You are the reason we do what we do. You are the people we are fighting for and we wouldn't have the courage and conviction to fight for our freedom if it wasn't for your love and support! Thanks so much! I love you America!
SrA Amy N. Velasco, USAF, Middletown, PA

I would like to thank America for supporting me and my fellow brothers and sisters. It's an honor to defend this great country, and it's people like you who make my job enjoyable. I've been to many countries, and sometimes we take our freedom for granted and how wonderful we have it here. I love my country and would die defending her.
Rolando Gandara, TSgt, Air Force, Fabens, TX

I want to thank everyone who supports every soldier in the US Military. I am a young soldier just turning nineteen, but the support that i have received had helped me 100%. Thank you to all of you for all you have done to make me a better soldier. And for supporting everyone to defend our country.
PFC Raychel Daum, princeville, IL

I want to thank the people of the united states for supporting us and to my mother and god for making it all possible to live in this great country with freedom. hopefully, one day other counties can share the same feelings about their country as i do about AMERICA
Ronald Smothers PFC U.S Marines, detroit, MI
The Take the Fight to Karl Web location is less fluff and more stuff. I suggest you have a visit over there instead.

Meanwhile, more GIs will be flying home in flag covered boxes over the course of the July 4th Holiday. Still worth it?

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