Friday, June 17, 2005

Deception and Bullies

Moxie Grrrl has got the goods on the whole Git-mo situation. You can read the congressional record if you are curious, but I am of the same mind as Mox on this one:

His statement speaks to the treatment of prisoners in our custody, regardless if they are innocent or guilty. When this description of how we treat prisoners is absorbed by the world at large, it bolsters the perception that the US is just the mean bully on the block with too much power for its own good. Durbin really didn't need to say it, since a lot of the world already thinks it.
Statements such as Sen. Durbin's hurt because they are plausible (as in Reagan's now famous phrase "plausible deniability'). That is, because truth is a slave to perception, if the world thinks it is so, then it must be true. Our reputation cannot be further tarnished because some one simply reads a statement that can be widely gotten. The damage was done before Sen. Durbin spoke.

As it is long over due, there needs to be some serious house cleaning done by the repubs if they want to earn back any respect at all.

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profmarcus said...

"...if they want to earn back any respect at all"

why should they "want to earn" back what they feel they already have...? these people are on a mission from god which renders moot any mere mortal questioning... the same goes for accountability... in their minds, they do not need to answer to anyone but god... houston, we have a b-i-i-i-ig problem...