Thursday, February 24, 2005


Truth is a slave to perception.


Jon Langdon said...

To believe that as a true statement would also be a perception then. Meaning that it wasn't always true. Meaning that sometimes truth isn't always just a perception. Meaning that truth is truth, and everything else is perception... so tell me when which is which.

We didn't get anywhere did we?

--Jon Langdon
Getting All Philosophial on Dat Ass since 1987

Anonymous said...

A nod is as good as a wink to a blind horse

In the ad biz, Perception is Reality. True or not, it's how you perceive it. Whatever ''it' is.

The ''reality based'' community is more or less realIf you're not dealing with reality, then truth is a slave to perception, because, if one acts on something because it's perceived to be true, for all intents it is true. Else you wouldn't have acted on it.

No one acts on known falsehoods (except to reveal them as such).

Anonymous said...

If Truth is the Answer, What's the Question?Questions are always more interesting than answers. Truth is an answer. There's no requirement in the blogosphere that anything be ''true,'' only that it be interesting.

Here's something interesting: GOP Split?Clip: ''... not only do most on the right not even believe in their own attacks on the left, but the more savvy ones have absolutely no desire to ever see these living straw men go away ...