Tuesday, February 15, 2005

I wanna know what love is

"...I want you to show me"...Don't ask me why this old Foreigner tune is rambling through my head right now. Go figure, I am a product of the 80s.

My first rock and roll concert was Foreigner 4, Yikes. That makes me old. My second was the Police! Perhaps one of the best shows I have ever seen musically - that was the Ghost in the Machine Tour. But let me get off this digression to the real reason of this particular post.

With all the posts about Valentines, yesterday, I got to thinking about love, real love. It is easier to define what love is not: it is not the gift/s you got yesterday, it is not the fancy meal you gobbled up either....

I was rocking my second son to sleep for his AM nap (and he is currently snoozing away), after a particularly challenging week as he was racked with the nasty cold/fever that is going about these days. Then I felt this overwhelming sense of awe and love.

Love, for me at that moment, was snuggling the boy in my arms and singing him a lullaby, and loving him for who he is, right now, not for what he will be or may become, but the little boy, sweat and endearing, no matter the past week of grumpiness and wake ups in the small hours of the day. Giving him a small kiss on the forehead and gently placing him in the crib, and snuggling him up in the quilt has Grandmother sticthed for him to keep him warm. Like the quilt, love is not indiferent, but enveloping - the sense that at that moment, nothing can be more perfect.

It is difficult as a parent to remain sane when not sleeping well, but giving in to that moment, I felt real love. Amidst all the insanity that goes on in the world, it was a fantastic reminder that the world is a beautiful place, and it is love that matters.

I am curious with all the hoopla about Valentines Day (the commercial jugernaught) did anyone have a direct experience with real and true love? How do you define it? And if you could, please refrain from commenting using quotes. Share with us what you actually think, if you dare.

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