Monday, February 21, 2005

What was the Iraq war about?

As we watch W galavant about Europe trying to put humpty dumpty back together again, an interesting question posed by an author in the NYTimes today:


So tell me again. What was this war about? In terms of the fight against terror, the war in Iraq has been a big loss. We've energized the enemy. We've wasted the talents of the many men and women who have fought bravely and tenaciously in Iraq. Thousands upon thousands of American men and women have lost arms or legs, or been paralyzed or blinded or horribly burned or killed in this ill-advised war. A wiser administration would have avoided that carnage and marshaled instead a more robust effort against Al Qaeda, which remains a deadly threat to America.

What is also dismaying is the way in which the administration has taken every opportunity since Sept. 11, 2001, to utilize the lofty language of freedom, democracy and the rule of law while secretly pursuing policies that are both unjust and profoundly inhumane. It is the policy of the U.S. to deny due process of law to detainees at the scandalous interrogation camp at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba, where prisoners, many of whom have turned out to be innocent, are routinely treated in a cruel and degrading manner.

The U.S. is also engaged in the reprehensible practice known as extraordinary rendition, in which terror suspects are abducted and sent off to be interrogated by foreign regimes that are known to practice torture. And the C.I.A. is operating ultrasecret prisons or detention centers overseas for so-called high-value detainees. What goes on in those places is anybody's guess.

It may be that most Americans would prefer not to know about these practices, which are nothing less than malignant cells that are already spreading in the nation's soul. Denial is often the first response to the most painful realities. But most Americans also know what happens when a cancer is ignored.

End slice:

Good questions. Perhaps we should apply chemotherapy on the Iraq situation rather than wait for the terrorists to apply their own brand of chemo on us.


PKD said...

Whilst reading your blog, I feel as though I am wielding a massive Batman-shaped dildo and striking wildly at a 400-lb gorilla whore. 'Muguh,' she repeats."

Ken Grandlund said...

The foreign policy objectives f this government are now on my slate of topics for upcoming essays. Thanks for reminding people that these things are important and run afoul of the mission of freedom and democracy.