Tuesday, February 08, 2005

More on the W: The Crustacean

I had posted a note in a similar vein in Jan.

Looks like the W's claw has been placed squarely in his own back end again, proving once again that he is rather callous and oblivious to what it means to be a working American.

Found this, first on Wonkette, and secondly on Drudge:

Sliced from Drudge:

Last Friday when promoting social security reform with 'regular' citizens in Omaha, Nebraska, President Bush walked into an awkward unscripted moment in which he stated that carrying three jobs at a time is 'uniquely American.'

While talking with audience participants, the president met Mary Mornin, a woman in her late fifties who told the president she was a divorced mother of three, including a 'mentally challenged' son.

The President comforted Mornin on the security of social security stating that 'the promises made will be kept by the government.'

But without prompting Mornin began to elaborate on her life circumstances.

Begin transcript:

MS. MORNIN: That's good, because I work three jobs and I feel like I contribute.

THE PRESIDENT: You work three jobs?

MS. MORNIN: Three jobs, yes.

THE PRESIDENT: Uniquely American, isn't it? I mean, that is fantastic that you're doing that. (Applause.) Get any sleep? (Laughter.)

End slice:

I spent a fair amount of time simultaneously holding three jobs (Working at a Marina, Waiting Tables, and doing Second Shift as a material handler at a local factory) while I was working to pay my way through college (and no, my parents didn't pick up one red cent of any diploma I have earned after high school).

Joking about this woman not getting any sleep is cold and crass, demonstrating that this prez is so far out of touch with real, hard working Americans. By the way, does anyone know when the crustacean is slated to go on vacation again (and where that might be)?

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Ken Grandlund said...

Not surprising coming from a man who's never really had to work in his life. That's the problem with our political system and the way its funding works...only the financially secure can afford to run for office, assuring that they are perennially out of touch with the common man.
Time to change the way campaigns are funded so that the common man can afford to represent to common man.