Sunday, February 13, 2005

Which of these "Married" men are more threatening?

Intesting articles in two different locations. With all the fuss about same sex marriage, one wonders why people who oppose high quality same-sex relationships are not more upset when a heterosexual, married man rapes his family.

If you ask me, If my spouse and I were to die tomorrow, I would trust and much rather have Gary Walker and Ed Valenzuela raising my children than Patrick and Christine McMullen, the heterosexuals.

What is it that the "moral" right fear about gay couples anyway? I am still waiting for a salient and powerful argument that doesn't involve the point that the bible says so.

Don't you think that kids growing up in gay homes have parents who actually want them rather than some of those crazy heterosexual homes where children are regularly beaten, raped, or even murdered?

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