Friday, February 25, 2005

Smoking sucks

As if you needed another reason not to start. What I don't understand is the otherwise intelligent person sparking up a pack a day or so...particularly those in the health care industry. But then again, the tobacco industry is rather slippery and tricky - perhaps a future place of employment for talent the likes of Karl Rove, after he is done screwing our country.

My AM run occasionally takes me by one or two hospitals, and invariably, there are a number of folks near the doorways, wearing scrubs, clutching their coats, sucking on various brands of cigarettes in the pissing rain. These are people, of whom, one would think are deeply familiar with the tragedy of a long term smoking habit, and yet, there they are.



Adding to evidence that smoking is bad for a man's sex life, new study findings show that smoking may raise the risk of impotence, particularly in younger men. Yahoo! Health Have questions about your health?

Researchers found that among the more than 1,300 men they followed, those who smoked were at greater risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) than either former smokers or non-smokers.

End slice:

This is good news for Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies. Do you think Phillip Morris holds stock in pfizer?

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