Monday, February 28, 2005

This image would be good for a laugh if it weren't so sad

Got this image from a friend. Posting it because a picture is worth a thousand words.


MoxieGrrrl said...

That image rocks!

Pliny said...

Yeah, Bush is an idiot all right. I wonder why he keeps whipping every Liberal ass that he runs into?

BTW, all that stuff that's happening in the Middle East, you know - the freedom thing in Afhganistan, Iraq, Lebannon, Egypt, even Saudi Arabia, I guess its all an accident that its occurring today and not 10 years ago when Clinton was in office.

Yeah, guy is a real doofus.

windspike said...

Hummm Dennis,

I didn't use terms like "idiot," nor "doofus" to describe W. The subject header says, "sad." Are you projecting?

On the other hand, I think you are giving W way too much credit for any of the items listed in your comment. Can you provide proof that he had anything to do with anything happening in Egypt? Saudi Arabia? Lebannon?

How many deaths of innocent people are the actions in Iraq worth?

MoxieGrrrl said...

The trolls seem to be out in spades today, Wind. Still can't quite figure out what makes them waste their time on our sites...